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the merciful fishiness of my life

1 July
External Services:
  • holdouttrout@livejournal.com
  • Spectra227
I was once known in a previous life as Spectra on www.the-pretender.de (now missing-pieces.org). Since becoming holdouttrout, I've written fanfic in many fandoms, including Star Wars, The Pretender, Farscape, Lost, Stargate SG-1, and others. My current fandoms include Stargate (mostly SG-1), Sanctuary, Fringe, and Community, with some occasional squee about Castle and good books.

I do try to warn people what they're getting into, but I'm fairly random, so enter at your own risk!

Friending Policy

I friend you if I like something about your journal--mostly for fic, but also for interesting meta/humor/something else that strikes my fancy.

I accept all friends with open arms--I love to know people are reading my fic/ramblings about life. I treat my own friends list as a reading list. I don't friend everyone back, and I don't expect everyone I friend to friend me back. If, for some reason, you think I *should* friend you and haven't...drop me a line and let me know why.

My journal

I think of my journal like my living room. I want people to be comfortable here, but it's *my* living room in the end. This is not your private space, or a public forum. I have the final say over what appears here, including comments. I reserve the right to ask you to take what you have to say to private e-mails or your own space.

I love to hear from people on IM, so, please, feel free to send me a message. I get bored if people don't IM me, and then I have to...write fic or something. SAVE ME!!!

My fic and policy about reposting, remixing, podficcing, etc

I write fanfiction based off an original source. I do not do this for profit; I do it for love. If, for some reason, you would like to repost my fic somewhere else, please e-mail me first. (I will most likely say yes.)

I give my blanket permision to podfic, remix, translate, create works in the same 'verse, create fanart, etc., for any of my own fanworks. Please do credit me and link back to my work, as well as sending me a link, as it will make me extremely happy!